Who was the oldest priest in the Ballad of Father Gilligan?

Who wrote the old priest Peter Gilligan?

The Ballad of Father Gilligan by W.B. Yeats.

Why was the old priest so tired?

The old priest Peter Gilligan was extremely tired because he had been attending sick people in his Parish day and night. People were constantly dying. He was to attend them at their death beds.

What did the old priest complain of?

When a message came from a poor man who has been dying and needed his service and then the old priest began to complain. The old priest complained because he was tired and had no time for rest, happiness and peace and people were dying in large number.

What is the summary of the Ballad of Father Gilligan?

The central idea of the poem is to show that God is merciful. He sends help for those in need of it and at times when they need it the most. The poem also shows the Irish countryside and its poverty and is Yeats’s one of the very few contributions to Irish folklore.

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Why was Father Gilligan grieving?

Father Gilligan grieves at the beginning of the poem because he is old, tired, and overworked. He has, it seems, had a long and tiring day. But instead of being able to relax, he gets summoned by yet another person needing his help.

Who is wrapped in purple robes?

The figure “wrapped in purple robes” is a conventional depiction of God. We normally associate the colour purple with nobility, and so it is that it is God who has “planets in His care” and is “wrapped in purple robes.” But note of course the distinction that is made in this final stanza.

Who are father Gilligan’s flock?

Answer: What is referred to in this poem as the “flock” is the people who lived in Father Gilligan’s area. They are the people for whom he, as a priest, is responsible. The idea is that he is their shepherd and they are his flock — his group of sheep.

Why does the priest have no rest joy or peace?

Father Gilligan in the ballad by Yeats, “The Ballad of Father Gilligan,” is tired because his people are dying off so fast. His job is to go to them, comfort them, and give them last rites when they are near death. And they are dying so fast that he doesn’t get any rest.

What was the reaction of Father Gilligan when he woke up from his deep sleep?

The story is about a priest who being emotionally and physically worn out fell into deep slumber. As he woke up, he was horrified by the fact that he could not make it to the bedside of the sick man before he died and that no one had performed the rites of blessing for the dying.

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Why was the old priest weary day and night?

Answer: The old priest was weary day and night because people called him when someone died or either they were ill.

What does moth hour of the eve indicate?

In it the ‘moth-hour of eve’ is a time before the ‘stars begin to peep’ implying that the ‘moth-hour’ is at dusk or twilight. well after Father Gilligan falls asleep, Yeats refers to dawn or daybreak as the ‘time of sparrow chirp/When the moths come once more’.

What was priest Gilligan complain and why did he cry for forgive?

The old priest complained because he was tired and had no time for rest, happiness and peace and people were dying in large number. So, he has to perform the last dying rites day and night.

Where does Father Gilligan fall asleep?

Father Gilligan, who had complete faith in God, fell asleep when he was supposed to be beside the sick man to give the last sacrament. Then the sick man’s soul would be graced and he would go to heaven. But while he was sleeping, God sent his angels in Father Gilligan’s disguise to the sick man’s house.