Why does the poet pray for?

What does the poet pray for donkey?

The poet prayed for the little donkey because the donkey. Only one day old, so he too small and slim. He was not strong enough. Even he will do hard work in his life, he will also prove to his existence in this unkind world.

What does the poet pray for to my true friend?

What does the poet pray for? Ans. The poet prays for keeping their friendship in fact for all time to come. In other words, she prays for their never-ending friendship.

What does the poet pray for wonderful words?

(iv) The poet prays for expression of some surprise idea. (v) ‘Ordinary’.

What is the poet wish for?

The poet wishes to return to his eternal home that is, God at the end of his life just like birds return to their nests in the evening after the day’s long journey. Was this answer helpful?

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What is the poet prayer for his friendship?

the poet pray to god that to let his country wake up into heaven where everyone enjoys a freedom of mind and true spirits.

How did the Friends encourage the poet?

The friend inspired self-confidence in the poet by telling her that she was capable of doing anything she concentrated on.

Who is referred to as He Why does the poet say his friendship is good?

Why does the poet say ‘his friendship is good’? Answer: He refers to wind. The poet says so because its friendship gives us strength and makes us flourish.

What does the poet tell you about the world of words?

Words are the food and dress of thought. They allow your thought to move out freely from the prison of mind. And there is no dearth of wonderful new ideas.

What does the poet mean by what if?

Answer: The ‘Whatif song’ in the poem means what will happen in case such a change takes place in the child’s life.

How are the thoughts explained in the poem the wonderful words?

Without language and appropriate use of words it is almost impossible to imagine the beautiful world. Words and the art of expression help to express thoughts. The poet says that words are the vehicles of thoughts. Thoughts die if one does not know how to say it mannerly.

What advice does the poet give to the reader?

(c) What advice does the poet give the reader? Answer: The poet asks people to build strong houses and firm doors and keep our bodies and hearts strong unyielding.

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Why does the poet wish to become a tree?

Detailed Answer : The poet wishes to become a tree because then he would not be discriminated. The bird wouldnt ask its caste to build the nest the sunlight wont run away it would rather embrace it. It can do friendship with cool breeze and rain drops wouldnt go back by thinking that it is untouchable.

What does the poet request to the God?

The poet pray almighty to let his country wake up into a ‘heaven’ where everyone enjoy freedom of mind and sprits. He also ask God to lead us forward into ever_widening thought and action.