Is the New American Bible a Catholic Bible?

Is the New American Standard Bible a Catholic Bible?

Translation History

The New American Bible of 1970 was the first American lexicon-oriented Catholic Bible. It is also the second Catholic-originated English translation to use the original biblical languages—Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek—as a base text instead of the Latin Vulgate.

Is the New American Bible Revised Edition Catholic?

First the content. The Bible text itself, which has undergone several revisions since the original New American Bible (NAB) was first published in 1970, is okay, although it does in many areas reflect Catholic dogma (mainly from the paragraph headers).

Is the New American Bible a good Bible?

5.0 out of 5 starsBeautiful edition of a fine Bible, binding, type face, page arrangement, and scholarship. The NAB is one of the best committee versions available, Protestant or Catholic.

What are the Catholic approved Bibles?

Catholic English versions

Abbreviation Name Date
NABRE New American Bible Revised Edition 2011/1986 (OT/NT)
NLT-CE New Living Translation Catholic Edition 2015
ESV-CE English Standard Version Catholic Edition 2017
NCB St. Joseph New Catholic Bible 2019

Which Bible is the Catholic version?

The New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition (NRSV-CE) is a Bible translation approved for use by the Catholic Church, receiving the imprimatur of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in 1991.

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What is the official Catholic translation of the Bible?

With that potential for misunderstanding in mind, the Catholic Church in the U.S. is rolling out the first new translation of the Old Testament. It’s the first new Catholic in four decades. Officially, it’s called the New American Bible, Revised Edition.

What is the difference between the New American Bible and the New American Standard Bible?

Key differences from the 1995 revision include an effort to improve “gender accuracy” (for example, adding “or sisters” in italics to passages that reference “brothers”, to help convey the mixed-gender meaning of a passage that might otherwise be misunderstood as only speaking of men), a shift (where applicable) from …