Is intellect important for shadow priest?

What does intellect do for Shadow Priest?

Shadow Priest Stats

Intellect is your primary stat, found on cloth gear. Intellect increases your spell power and damage/healing done by abilities. For secondary stats, the Shadow Priest has the following: Critical Strike: Chance for extra effectiveness on attacks and heals (double damage/healing).

Do shadow priests need mastery?

This is a Passive Ability based on your Mastery Rating. Mastery is currently, for DPS Shadow Priests (5.1), the least valuable stat to stack.

How much haste should a Shadow Priest have Shadowlands?

You will generally want to aim to just get as much Haste rating as possible, however past 30% Haste, Critical Strike, or Versatility these stats do start to take on Diminishing Return values.

Do shadow priests need crit?

Spell Crit Chance

As a Shadow Priest, the only thing that can Critically strike in your rotation is Mind Blast, which is one of the primary reasons it is recommended a Shadow Priest uses Inner Focus before casting Mind Blast!

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What Covenant is best for shadow priest?

Best Shadow Priest Covenants for Mythic+

Much like in raids, Necrolord and Night Fae are the top choices in 9.2 Both now use Shadowflame Prism as their primary legendary, and both covenant legendaries are likely to have some potential in keys.

Which race is best for shadow priest?

Best Races for Shadow Priest in WoW

  • Human.
  • Night Elf.
  • Dwarf.
  • Gnome.

What is the haste cap for shadow priest?

Hitting the haste soft cap requires 50% haste (6,304 haste rating at level 85). The haste soft cap is relevant in theory. In practice, however, it’s largely not. After all, raiding shadow priests currently have only about 15% of baseline haste (raised to ~20 21.1% via Mind Quickening and Darkness).

What Horde race is best for shadow priest?

Best Horde Races for Shadow Priest PvP

  • Undead.
  • Blood Elf.

What does haste shadow priest do?

Haste: Increases spell casting and dot tick speed, reduces the cooldown of some spells and lowers the global cooldown. Mastery: Increases your damage on the target for each Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague effect that you have active on the target.

Do shadow priests use Shadow Word Death?

Patch 5.0.

For Shadow priests: Now generates 1 Shadow Orb. If the target does not die, the cooldown is reset, but this additional Shadow Word: Death does not grant a Shadow Orb. This effect has a 6 sec cooldown.

How often does shadow pain tick?

Spell Details

Duration 18 seconds School Shadow Mechanic n/a Dispel type Magic GCD category Normal
GCD 1.5 seconds
Aura proc chance 100%
Effect Apply Aura: Periodic Damage Value: 5 every 3 seconds (SP mod: 0.067) PVP Multiplier: 1
Flags Cannot be used while shapeshifted Do Not Sheath Does not require shapeshift
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Does Mind Sear replace Mind Flay?

Searing TWO targets yields greater DPS (+17%) than Flaying ONE target. Searing THREE targets yields greater DPS (+25%) than +Flaying ONE target. So Mind Sear over Mind Flay with 2+ targets and Mind Sear over Enhanced Mind Flay with 3+ targets.

How much HIT do shadow priests need TBC?

Hit Mechanics

As follows, Shadow Priests need 76 rating to reach the cap. Below the cap, spell hit rating is worth more than any other stat and should be stacked to 76 as soon as possible.

Can Mind Flay crit TBC?

Mind Flay can now crit.

Is Shadow Priest good in TBC?

Shadow Priests choose to support their allies by hindering the minds of their foes. These Priests choose to assault their enemies directly, rather than mend the wounds of their allies. This spec returns a portion of its damage dealt as Mana and health to their party, making it extremely strong in raids.